2020 Membership Site-License

Site-license* for professional memberships in the Phono-Graphix Association of Reading Therapists for the 2020 calendar year.

Do you have more than one certified Phono-Graphix instructor at your site? This site-license offers an incredible opportunity to save money on memberships that put important Phono-Graphix tools into your teachers' hands!

Give all of your Phono-Graphix teachers 2020 memberships for one very low fee. 

2020 Members have unlimited access to our exclusive MEMBER RESOURCES:


Within 24 hours of receiving your order, we will email you the link that your teachers will use to register for the site-license memberships. Please indicate the contact person and email address to send the registration link. 

*Each site-license covers a single site (school/clinic). Membership renewals subject to verification of past certification.



2020 Membership Site-License

Price: $100.00
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