2023 Membership Site-License

Site-license* for professional memberships in the Phono-Graphix Association of Reading Therapists for the 2023 calendar year

Do you have more than one certified Phono-Graphix instructor at your site? This site-license offers an incredible opportunity to save money on memberships that put important Phono-Graphix tools into your teachers' hands--and allow support staff to collaborate on the instruction!

Give all of your Phono-Graphix teachers 2023 memberships for one very low fee, and even set up memberships for support staff working closely with your certified teachers.

2023 Members have unlimited access to our exclusive MEMBER RESOURCES:


Within 24 hours of receiving your order, we will email you the link that your teachers will use to register for the site-license memberships. Please indicate the contact person and email address to send the registration link. 

*Each site-license covers a single site (school/clinic). Membership renewals subject to verification of past certification.



2023 Membership Site-License

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