Ages 6-7

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My Turn Card Game Outlaw Card Game Sound-Off 1 Card Game
My Turn Card GameOutlaw Card GameSound-Off 1 Card Game

For beginning readers

 - Practice managing consonant blends
 - Short vowel sound practice
 - Consonant sound-symbol association
 - BLENDING sounds into real words

For first grade readers

 - Practice "sight word" phrases
 - Builds fluency
 - 100 most frequent words
 - Improve automatic recognition

For mid first grade and up 

 - Challenging, active, sound-based play
 - Learn the sounds shown with common letter patterns
 - Experience the nature of the English code





Story Starters Reading Reflex
Story StartersReading Reflex

Eight one page sheets, each with a tantalizing photo and first line or to intended to engage your creative and not-so-creative writers. Each first line offers just enough information to start the story without limiting the possibilities. 

With the help of the revolutionary reading program Phono-Graphix™, you and your child can discover the sound-picture code that is the foundation of the written English language.