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Strategy for Spelling Custom White Board My Turn Card Game
Strategy for SpellingCustom White BoardMy Turn Card Game

This is a complete system for changing the way your child or student attacks spelling challenges

Custom printed 9" x 12" white board, to be used with the Phono-Graphix lesson plans in Reading Reflex, our Clinical one-on-one Lesson Plan Manual or our Classroom Word Work Manual. 

For beginning readers

 - Practice managing consonant blends
 - Short vowel sound practice
 - Consonant sound-symbol association
 - BLENDING sounds into real words




Outlaw Card Game Sound-Off 1 Card Game Sound-Off 2 Card Game
Outlaw Card GameSound-Off 1 Card GameSound-Off 2 Card Game

For first grade readers

 - Practice "sight word" phrases
 - Builds fluency
 - 100 most frequent words
 - Improve automatic recognition

For mid first grade and up 

 - Challenging, active, sound-based play
 - Learn the sounds shown with common letter patterns
 - Experience the nature of the English code


For second/third grade and up 

 - Challenging sound/print play drives students into the code

 - Learn the sounds shown with common letter patterns




New York Minute Card Game Fish For Endings Card Game Story Starters
New York Minute Card GameFish For Endings Card GameStory Starters

For second/third grade and up 

 - Multi-syllable reading and segmenting
 - Fast play
 - Builds confidence

For third grade and up 

 - Practice decoding multi-syllable word endings
 - Learn common word endings

Eight one page sheets, each with a tantalizing photo and first line or to intended to engage your creative and not-so-creative writers. Each first line offers just enough information to start the story without limiting the possibilities. 




Reading Reflex Book-It Board Game
Reading ReflexBook-It Board Game

With the help of the revolutionary reading program Phono-Graphix™, you and your child can discover the sound-picture code that is the foundation of the written English language.

Designed for a teacher or parent to play with one or more children, Book-It is the next step after completion of the Phono-Graphix support books and a wonderful Phono-Graphix course graduation present for students.