Book-It Board Game

Do you wonder what to do after the twelve week PhonoGraphix course is complete? Having trouble getting your child to use her new skills and concepts outside of the structured reading lesson? A professionally packaged board game complete with playing cards, game pieces, game board and instructor manual, BOOK IT is the fun way to review and solidify concepts and skills while training students to apply what they have learned to books and to writing tasks.

The game is designed for a teacher or parent to play with one or more children working with story books or novels of the child’s choosing. Once the game is familiar more mature students can play amongst themselves. Great for home or the clinic, for small groups, classrooms, reading groups or after school programs.

Carmen McGuinness writes, “ ...Book-it! is the perfect extension for those highly global kids who take so long but get bored with the repetition that they need.” Closely based on the McGuinnesses’ Extended Student Support Book, BOOK IT activities are the next step after the completion of the regular PhonoGraphix support books.

Book-it! is wonderful PhonoGraphix course graduation present for students to take home for continued reinforcement in the years to come.

Book-It Board Game

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