Brainy Laces - print option
Ideal for ages 5-9

ALL NEW STORIES! Kids read a short story on a storyboad then twist, stretch, bend, and curl colorful 3D finishing touches to the illustrations with our amazing Brainy Laces! (Brainy Laces are made from durable yarn coated with food-quality wax that sticks on each laminated storyboard.)

Just how 'brainy' are they?

Brainy Laces give just the right amount of resistance and stickiness to require both hands, which means both hemispheres of the brain are engaged while the kids read. The right-visual hemisphere and the left-auditory hemisphere work together with every twist and tug of Brainy Laces, laying down rich memory traces of the sound-to-symbol correspondence for the thirty-four ways to spell the eight sounds targeted in this set.

And the best part: kids love them and are highly motivated to read and play. Great clean fun - no mess and no cleanup required!

About the set:

Eight all-new stories featuring the thirty-four ways to show the sounds oe, ow, er, ae, ee, e, oo, and oul. With wax craft sticks in a variety of colors, you have enough stuff to keep sixteen hands busy all at the same time!

Pre-printed and ready to use! 

Storyboards come professionally printed in full color on 8.5x11" pre-laminated cardstock. Also included are 24 Brainy Laces in 6 great colors.


NOTE: Also available in downloadable pdf! Download instantly. Simply print and laminate each storyboard. Add your own yarn/food-grade wax craft sticks and you are ready to go! (See related item below.)

Brainy Laces - print option

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