Certification Kit

This kit includes the materials used for the work described in the Orton Annals of Dyslexia study.

It has everything necessary for implementing Phono-Graphix one-on-one, in small-groups and in whole-class instruction, for students ranging from new/emerging readers to teens and adults. 

The certification kit is written for educators and was designed to be used alongside one of our certification courses. It includes:

  • Clinical One-on-One Lesson Plan Manual - with 21 pages of teacher-training information and lesson plans that are color-coded to the level of instruction*
  • Classroom Word Work Manual - with lesson plans that parallel those for one-on-one instruction, but designed for board presentation for large groups. Each lesson plan also includes a list of extensions, for hands-on practice and follow-up to the instruction.*
  • 600-piece pre-laminated manipulative set with carrying case, color-coded to the instruction level *  
  • Custom white-board 
  • 5 professionally published Phono-Graphix Readers - With new or fully-updated stories, beautiful illustrations, natural language, and instructional pages explaining the Phono-Graphix method and how to handle reading errors, perfect for introducing parents and instructional aides to the method and helping them become effective partners in your instructional plan.
    • Decodable Story Book, Fun in the Sun - a compilation of the classic Phono-Graphix decodable stories aligned to lessons and word lists of the first two levels of Phono-Graphix (Basic Code, Pink/CVC and Blue/Adjacent Consonant Levels), in its research-based and clinically-tested sequence 
    • Decodable Story BookSound Search Stories - a compilation of the classic Phono-Graphix decodable stories aligned to lessons and word lists of the third level of Phono-Graphix (Purple/Advanced Code Level), in its research-based and clinically-tested sequence 
    • 3-book set of Coded Stories - Coded text, showing every word separated into sound pictures, will render the nature of the English written Code transparent and make it possible for many students to read who might not otherwise be able to. Includes:
      • Puppy Tales - for new/emerging readers (pre-school to early primary)
      • The Clubhouse Adventures - for emerging readers (primary)
      • Famous Faces, Times and Places - for remedial/intervention students (later primary and older)

*Not sold separately. Only available as part of the certification kit.

Price includes our certification fee, covering administrative costs for the certification exam.



This kit is required for third-party Phono-Graphix Certification Trainings. (It is included with the online Certification Training.)



Certification Kit

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