Class-Pack of Phono-Graphix Charts - print option

30 desk charts of all the ways to represent all the sounds. Charts are 8 1/2" x 11", double-sided, on durable paper, with rounded corners. 

If you want your students to use the sound picture code, be sure that every student has a copy to refer to during writing activities!

Choose US or UK version.


NOTE: Also available in licensed pdf, which allows you to print copies for all your students. (See related item below.) Order now and we'll email that to you within 48 hours.

This individual license allows copying for express and single purpose of home/classroom use in the home/classroom of the licensee. 

This is also an excellent option for international orders: quick access, no shipping, no customs clearance!

Class-Pack of Phono-Graphix Charts - print option

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