Consult with us via webinar

Consult with us online for one hour. Your time may be split between (up to) three sessions. We can discuss implementation at home or into your clinic, classroom, school, or school district. 


Just starting out with Phono-Graphix instruction? We can help you assess and plan your lessons, and can demonstrate lessons as needed. We can even 'sit beside you' for some on-the-job coaching as you teach your first lessons!

Have a challenging student? We can discuss your student's, client's or child's progress and create lesson plans together.

Taking the online course? Add some face-to-face learning time, for Q&A sessions and lesson demonstrations.


Once you have pre-paid for your time you will be contacted via email to organize the date and time of your consultation.

Consult with us via webinar

Price: $75.00
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