Custom White Board

Custom printed 9" x 12" white board, to be used with the Phono-Graphix lesson plans in Reading Reflex, our Clinical one-on-one Lesson Plan Manual, our Classroom Word Work Manual or our Silver Lining Teen Literacy Kit. Ideal for individual student use as well as a carry-around board for one-on-one error correction in a classroom. 

Updated design has a write-able surface on both sides: no more flipping the board over for the student to map words during Word Construction!



Choose from these options:

  • New/Emerging Reader Boards - both sides include a handwriting 'road' to help younger students still learning to form their letters
  • Original Boards - the classic Phono-Graphix board referred to in the lesson plans, with the numbers 1-4 on one side and 2 boxes for chunking words on the other
  • Teen/Adult Boards - one side is numbered 1-5, so you can easily include CCVCC words in your lessons; the other side has 3 boxes for chunking words, for building up to 3-syllable words

Custom White Board

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10 or more: $7.50 each
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