Fun in the Sun - Decodable Story Book

Fun in the Sun is a compilation of the classic Phono-Graphix decodable stories aligned to lessons and word lists of the Basic Code, Pink/CVC and Blue/Adjacent Consonant Levels. These stories from the original Certification Kit are updated to include more natural language and engaging illustrations, all in a 'real book'.

The stories follow the Phono-Graphix research-based and clinically-tested sequence and are ‘controlled text’, made up of words that are limited primarily to the sounds and syllable structures that have been introduced so far. Included:

Pink/CVC: Fat Cat, Bug's Rug, Ben's Bump, Mad Cat, Missing Cat, Fun in the Sun

Blue/Adjacent Consonants: The Trip, Skip's Gift, Spog and Trog, At Camp, Stan's Nut

An instructional section explains the Phono-Graphix method, the use of decodable texts, and how to handle reading errors, perfect for new Phono-Graphix teachers and for helping parents or aides support instruction effectively. Sound Doggy even makes his first appearance after many years, with his new full-color look, to mark the stories most appropriate for the youngest students. 

Fun in the Sun is targeted to new/emerging readers (pre-school to early primary, ages 3-8), but the Blue/Adjacent Consonant stories can be used with older students working for an extended time at that level.  



Purple/Advanced Code Level

SOUND SEARCH STORIES - for new/emerging readers (pre-school to early primary)

MORE SOUND SEARCH STORIES FOR OLDER READERS - for emerging/remedial readers (early to late primary) [COMING SOON]

BEGINNING TO READ - (mixed sounds) - for new/emerging readers (pre-school to early primary) [COMING SOON]



Yellow/Multisyllable Management Level

PUPPY TALES - for new readers (pre-school to early primary)

CLUBHOUSE ADVENTURES - for emerging readers (early primary)

FAMOUS FACES, TIMES AND PLACES Book Series - for remedial/intervention students (late primary and older)


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Fun in the Sun - Decodable Story Book

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