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PHLASH - print option Brainy Laces - print option See Say Match
PHLASH - print optionBrainy Laces - print optionSee Say Match

This game is PHAST PHUN for students age 7-101. 252 playing cards teach and test segmenting, blending, and code knowledge with seven different exercises. Available via downloadable pdf or pre-printed and ready to use! 

ALL NEW STORIES! Kids read a short story on each storyboad then twist, stretch, bend, and curl colorful 3D finishing touches. Available via downloadable pdf or pre-printed and ready to use! 

This activity is great for children who are starting to read advanced code, but still need practice decoding, visualizing, and reading for meaning.




Pocket Folder Set 1 Pocket Folder Set 2 Pocket Folder Set 3
Pocket Folder Set 1Pocket Folder Set 2Pocket Folder Set 3

The kids love these! ALL NEW CONTENT!! Everything you need to make three pocket folders. 

The kids love these! ALL NEW CONTENT!! Everything you need to make your er.

This third set includes stories for the sounds 'ee' and 'ae' and ea and ai overlap.




Pocket Folder Set 4 Story Starters - downloadable PDF Consult with us via webinar
Pocket Folder Set 4Story Starters - downloadable PDFConsult with us via webinar

This third set includes stories for the sounds 'oo' and 'oul' and oo overlap.

Eight one page sheets, each with a tantalizing photo and first line or to intended to engage your creative and not-so-creative writers. Each first line offers just enough information to start the story without limiting the possibilities. 

Consult with us online for one hour. We can discuss implementation at home or into your clinic, classroom, school or school district.




Caeser-Pleaser Card Game Crazy Sounds Card Game Don't Be Greedy Card Game
Caeser-Pleaser Card GameCrazy Sounds Card GameDon't Be Greedy Card Game

For third grade and up 

- Discover the building blocks of words

- Learn Latin clues to more than 100,000 words

For late first grade readers
 - "Long" vowel sound practice
 - Reinforce "long" vowel print patterns

- For beginning readers

- Basic sound-symbol associations

- Practice BLENDING sounds into real words




Fish For Endings Card Game My Turn Card Game New York Minute Card Game
Fish For Endings Card GameMy Turn Card GameNew York Minute Card Game

For third grade and up 

 - Practice decoding multi-syllable word endings
 - Learn common word endings

For beginning readers

 - Practice managing consonant blends
 - Short vowel sound practice
 - Consonant sound-symbol association
 - BLENDING sounds into real words

For second/third grade and up 

 - Multi-syllable reading and segmenting
 - Fast play
 - Builds confidence




Outlaw Card Game Socra-Teaser Card Game Sound-Off 1 Card Game
Outlaw Card GameSocra-Teaser Card GameSound-Off 1 Card Game

For first grade readers

 - Practice "sight word" phrases
 - Builds fluency
 - 100 most frequent words
 - Improve automatic recognition

For third grade and up

- Master Greek patterns

- Every hand teaches hundreds of sophisticated words

- Deck includes 102 Greek words

For mid first grade and up 

 - Challenging, active, sound-based play
 - Learn the sounds shown with common letter patterns
 - Experience the nature of the English code





Sound-Off 2 Card Game Advertise on Our Website!
Sound-Off 2 Card GameAdvertise on Our Website!

For second/third grade and up 

 - Challenging sound/print play drives students into the code

 - Learn the sounds shown with common letter patterns

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