Manipulatives - Purple/Advanced Code Word Construction, Set 1

Gorgeous ‘grab and go’ Advanced Code Word Construction set that corresponds to the 8 sounds (along with Vowel + e words) in our Sound to Symbol to Meaning Workbook 1: 

 oe, Vowel + e, ow, er, ee, a-e, e, oo and oul


Fully assembled and ready for ‘hands on’ lessons, this set contains 77 words, each with a culturally sensitive color-photo stimulus picture and its sound pictures, for teaching segmenting and for exposure to the various ways to show these 8 sounds. A handy ‘quick reference’ card outlines the Word Construction lesson, to help new practitioners, parents and aides jump into lessons with ease.


Years of clinical and classroom experience went into creating the manipulatives of our dreams:

  • Made of playing-card material, this quality set is sleek and durable. 
  • A sturdy box keeps cards protected and organized in well-marked sound groupings.
  • Each card is marked on the back with color-coding for its Phono-Graphix level, the sound it presents, and the stimulus picture of the word it belongs to, for quick and easy organization.
  • And the best part? No cutting required!


NOTE: A similar supplementary Word Construction set for the Purple/Advanced Code level is available in downloadable PDF: Simply print, laminate if desired, cut out the cards and you are ready to go! (See related item below.)

The PDF option is excellent for international orders: quick access, no shipping, no customs clearance!

Manipulatives - Purple/Advanced Code Word Construction, Set 1

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