Online Phono-Graphix Certification Course

Convenient, affordable, and effective! The Phono-Graphix online certification course is based on the most recent findings on how to engage and inform in an online format.

Virtual students Annibel and Donny will give you a run for your money as you gain knowledge and proficiency in how to teach the most challenging students to read with accuracy and fluency. The program developers, in virtual form, will demonstrate lessons which you can view as many times as you wish.

The course is comprised of short lecture segments, readings and quizzes. Along the way, participants work with their own students and complete written reports (each just a couple of paragraphs) about their sessions with students, designed to help them learn the material and to allow us to give feedback on their lesson presentations. Upon completion, participants are given an untimed final examination, successful completion of which will earn certification. 

Thousands of teachers have trained online since the course launched in 2004.

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For school districts and groups: sign up for 5 or more and save 20% - for 10 or more save 30%!



In addition to the course registration, 

Online Phono-Graphix Certification Course

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