Phono-Graphix Coded Story Set

Be ready for any student with this set of coded-text story books from the original Phono-Graphix certification kit!

Each is now a professionally published book, fully updated with beautiful illustrations, natural language, and instruction pages explaining the Phono-Graphix method, coded-text and how to handle reading errors, perfect for helping parents or teacher's aides to become effective partners in your instructional program.

The coded text, showing every word separated into sound pictures, will render the nature of the English written Code transparent and make it possible for many students to read who might not otherwise be able to.


Puppy Tales - for new/emerging readers (pre-school to early elementary)

The Clubhouse Adventures - for emerging readers (elementary)

Famous Faces, Times and Places - for remedial/intervention students (later elementary and older)


*CHOOSE 'DELUXE' OPTION: for premium, coated paper made to withstand years of heavy use.


NOTE: Larger orders may require 2-4 weeks lead time.

Phono-Graphix Coded Story Set

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