Playful Stories - Basic Code Bundle

After many years in the making, it’s finally here: a systematic reader series aligned to Phono-Graphix!

Humorous stories, written by talented author and Phono-Graphix practitioner Christine Mandell, appeal to children’s innate sense of playfulness; beautiful illustrations delight young and old.

This 12-book series introduces children to the entire code, from the first few Basic Code sounds, through all the Advanced Code word lists, to managing multisyllable words with special endings. 

As with all things Phono-Graphic, this series is made for teaching, not just practicing, reading. An extensive instructional section presents how to effectively teach someone to read as they read a book

  • Each book is presented in two volumes: 
    •  a phono-graphically coded volume — to make the nature of the code more apparent and make it possible for many students to read who might not otherwise be able to.
    •  an uncoded volume — to give students an immersive experience in a 'real book'.
  • Careful response to errors that ensures students decode stories with the same phono-graphic approach taught with individual words in other Phono-Graphix lessons.
  • Playful activities that naturally stem from the reading get children up and moving.
  • Extension ideas for meaningful Phono-Graphix lessons embedded in the literature.


BASIC CODE BUNDLE: ideal for new/emerging readers and early primary

Includes Books 1 and 2 of the series, covering Pink/CVC and Blue/Adjacent Consonants levels working with:

  • the concept that letters are pictures of sounds
  • the three phonological skills needed for reading and spelling any word
  • the Basic Code, the sounds in English commonly represented by a single letter, introduced in a research-based and clinically-tested sequence
  • words of increasingly complex syllable structure requiring stronger phonological skills:
    • CVC - such as CAT and SIT
    • VCC - such as ASK and ELK
    • CVCC - such as MUST and BEND
    • CCVC - such as SPIN and CRAB
  • ‘controlled text’, made up of words that are limited primarily to the sounds and syllable structures that have been introduced so far

Playful Stories - Basic Code Bundle

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