Pocket Folder Set 4

This third set includes stories for the sounds 'oo' and 'oul' and oo overlap.

Accompanies Pocket Folder Sets 1 and 2 and 3.

Each of the 4 sets is all new content!!

Set 4 includes everything you need to make two pocket folders each containing a story, a control picture, picture parts for building the picture, control sheet containing answers to the mapping and or overlap pages that go with each story, and a master copy of the worksheets. Great for age 4-8 and special needs.

Set 4 features 'oo' and 'oul' and oo overlap. Story titles include:

Newton Owl

Newt and Vern

Directions for constructing the two pocket folders are included.

Available in PDF only. Order today and download immediately.

Pocket Folder Set 4

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