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Clinical 1-on-1 Lesson Plan Manual Classroom Word Work Manual Cardstock Manipulative Set
Clinical 1-on-1 Lesson Plan ManualClassroom Word Work ManualCardstock Manipulative Set

Twenty-one pages of teacher-training information and copiables, followed by lesson plans that are color-coded to the level of instruction and the Certification Kit manipulatives.

Teacher-training information and lesson plans that parallel those for presented in the Clinical one-on-one Lesson Plan Manual, but designed for board presentation for large groups. Each lesson plan also includes a list of extensions, for plenty...

These are the manipulatives used in the original research presented in the Orton Annals of Dyslexia, but with beautifully updated images: high-quality, color-photo stimulus pictures, professionally printed in full color. 600-piece manipulative...




Manipulatives Storage Case Phono-Graphix Coded Story Set Custom White Board
Manipulatives Storage CasePhono-Graphix Coded Story SetCustom White Board

Sturdy, portable plastic organizer for the Certification Kit manipulatives. With all the manipulatives for every lesson at your fingertips, you are ready for any student that comes your way!* Manufactured in the United States and only available...

Be ready for any student with this set of coded-text story books from the original Phono-Graphix certification kit! Each is now a professionally published book, fully updated with beautiful illustrations, natural language, and instruction pages...

Custom printed 9" x 12" white board, to be used with the Phono-Graphix lesson plans in Reading Reflex, our Clinical one-on-one Lesson Plan Manual or our Classroom Word Work Manual.