Silver Lining, Teen Literacy Kit

This kit is a must for reading professionals who work with teen and adult students.

The kit includes:

Manipulatives, printed on prelaminated white cardstock (card) ready to cut and store in a sturdy, two-sided plastic storage unit for easy transport and access:

  • Four- and five-sound 'nonsense word' word building sets.
  • Three-, four-, and five-sound phoneme manipulation drills.
  • 100 multisyllable word building sets.

20 short passages, on 8 1/2"x 11" prelaminated cards, for practicing skills and code knowledge, improving fluency, for code cueing variation and overlap.

Silver Lining instructional manual.

1 copy of our Silver Lining workbook for improving reading and spelling speed and accuracy, printed on high quality paper with a full color cover and spiral binding. 

1 custom whiteboard specifically for working with longer words, numbered 1-5 on one side and with 3 boxes for chunking words on the other

AND NOW: Online access to demonstration videos for each lesson in the instructional manual!


Silver Lining, Teen Literacy Kit

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