Sound-Off 2 Card Game

For second/third grade and up 

  • Practice the "OO", "U", "UE" and "OU" sounds and print patterns
  • Learn the sounds shown with common letter patterns
  • Learn the variety of print patterns that code the targeted vowel sounds
  • Challenging sound/print play drives students into the code

"Wow! You really have to think. This is cool!" - JB, 12 year old dyslexic student


Literacy card games from Washington Reads give a SOUND start to reading!

Washington Reads has a unique set of card games that guarantee sustained reading practice. These intrinsically motivating games are aligned with current reading research and are compatible with any reading approach.

The decks deliver the essential phonemic awareness skills and content for reading success. Every hand builds critical knowledge and fosters an automatic response to the printed word. They are the most productive and entertaining reading practice aids available today.

Language extensions for every deck are available upon request.

Sound-Off 2 Card Game

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