Sound Picture Dice


This beautiful, durable SOUND PICTURE DICE set includes a die for every sound and special ending. Imagine the Phono-Graphix Sound Charts in a hands-on, manipulative form: each 6-sided die has the most common variations of a sound, allowing students to simply twist and turn to consider their spelling options.

With the variations at their finger-tips, students take control of the Code! And Scratch Sheet Spelling becomes a breeze for even your most reluctant writers. 

Great for exploration, building words and for hands-on spelling games. The instruction manual describes 6 different games. But with this set, you and your students will have the tools to get creative with the Code. The possibilities are endless with SOUND PICTURE DICE!  

Set includes:

-60  plastic, 19mm dice:

40 different sounds (American pronunciation*) plus 7 extra sound-dice for popular sounds

1 special die for building words with separated sound pictures

10 special endings

1 schwa

1 blank die for customization

-Instruction manual

-Storage box with organizing insert

SAVE MONEY WITH OUR 'self-assembly' OPTION, or leave the work to us and choose the 'fully assembled' dice that are ready to go!

*UK option coming soon

Sound Picture Dice

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