Sound Search Stories - Decodable Story Book

Sound Search Stories is a compilation of the classic Phono-Graphix decodable stories aligned to lessons and word lists of the Purple/Advanced Code Level. These stories from the original Certification Kit are updated to include more natural language, engaging illustrations and adorable characters, all in a 'real book'.

The stories follow the Phono-Graphix research-based and clinically-tested sequence and are ‘controlled text’, made up of words that are limited primarily to the sounds and syllable structures that have been introduced so far. Included:

This Ship, The Stick, Jack Rat Ran Past, Fox Trap, The Coach, Jake and Kate, The Cloud, The Hurt Girl, The Jeep, Jane and Blain, Bread, The New Blue Boot, The Brook, Come Home, Spike

An instructional section explains the Phono-Graphix method, the use of decodable texts, and how to handle reading errors, perfect for new Phono-Graphix teachers and for helping parents or teacher's aides support instruction effectively. 

Sound Search Stories is targeted to new/emerging readers (pre-school to early primary, ages 3-8).  



Pink/CVC and Blue/Adjacent Consonants Levels

FUN IN THE SUN - for new/emerging readers (pre-school to early primary)

Purple/Advanced Code Level

MORE SOUND SEARCH STORIES FOR OLDER READERS - for emerging/remedial readers (early to late primary) [COMING SOON]

BEGINNING TO READ - (mixed sounds) - for new/emerging readers (pre-school to early primary) [COMING SOON]



Yellow/Multisyllable Management Level

PUPPY TALES - for new readers (pre-school to early primary)

CLUBHOUSE ADVENTURES - for emerging readers (early primary)

FAMOUS FACES, TIMES AND PLACES Book Series - for remedial/intervention students (late primary and older)


NOTE: Larger orders may require 2-4 weeks lead time.

Sound Search Stories - Decodable Story Book

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