'Sound Wall' Chart for the sound 'm'

Throw away your old alphabet charts and Word Walls! Children have an amazing ability to learn the names of the things around them, so use these charts to surround your students with sound pictures, rather than individual letters.

Make the true nature of the English written code impossible to miss with these 8 1/2 x 11'' charts of all the sounds. 55 cards in all, on quality, prelaminated card-stock. Each card shows the most common spellings of a sound through easily understood words presented with color photographs to capture your students' attention and imaginations and to allow them to use the charts independently.

Both UK and US versions included.

 Our 'Sound Wall' Charts are also available in pdf format, to download and self-print (see below).

Individual license: for use in the home/classroom of the licensee, an excellent option for international orders: quick access, no shipping, no customs clearance!


Site licenses: for multiple classroom use at the licensed site.

'Sound Wall' Charts - printed version

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