Sound to Symbol Writing - Advanced Code Workbook

Increase reading and spelling outcome for students aged 5 - 7 by teaching handwriting the Phono-Graphix way. 

Give your students practice in writing the Advanced Code: learning and using the concepts that two letters can represent one sound, that sounds can be shown in more than one way, and that some sound pictures represent more than one sound. This workbook presents endearing characters in engaging pictures to practice sounds and sound pictures learned previously in the Sound to Symbol Basic Code Workbook set while introducing sh ch th ck, several ways to show the sounds 'ee' and 'oe', separated sound pictures and more.

Each handwriting workbook warms up with the structural elements of print used in that particular workbook.

  • Encourages sound to symbol correspondence.
  • Teaches the correct formation of letters as the sounds are blended into words.
  • Reading and spelling instruction are embedded in each handwriting lesson doubling the practice time.

This workbook complements the Sound to Symbol Reading Advanced Code Workbook.


NOTE: Large orders may require 1-2 weeks lead time.

Sound to Symbol Writing - Advanced Code Workbook

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