Sound to Symbol Writing - Basic Code Workbook Set

Finally there is a handwriting program that works with your reading and spelling program! Each of the handwriting workbooks corresponds with the Sound-to-Symbol Reading Workbooks.  

Based on the order of sounds used to teach Phono-Graphix reading and spelling, the Sound Writing Workbooks double your instructional outcome with handwriting practice. 

Increase your student's reading and spelling outcome by teaching handwriting the Phono-Graphix way:

  • Each handwriting workbook warms up with the structural elements of print used in that particular workbook.
  • Encourages sound to symbol correspondence.
  • Teaches the correct formation of letters as the sounds are blended into words.
  • Reading and spelling instruction are embedded in each handwriting lesson doubling the practice time.


NOTE: Large orders may require 1-2 weeks lead time.

Sound to Symbol Writing - Basic Code Workbook Set

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