Sound to Symbol to Meaning Licensed PDF Workbook Set

Designed to teach children age six through remedial, and supports the use of Reading Reflex, the Phono-Graphix Certification Kit, Imagine This, and Word Work. 

Each workbook includes Reading, Spelling, Stories, Comprehension, and Vocabulary Activities.


With this licensed pdf, you can print copies for all your students. Order now and we'll email that to you within 48 hours.

This individual license allows copying for express and single purpose of home/classroom use in the home/classroom of the licensee. 

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Advanced Code Workbook 1: Features the sounds and sound pictures that were taught in the original research. All instructions are included.

oe, ow, ow overlap
vowel + e 
ee, ae, e, ea overlap
oo, oul, oo overlap

Advanced Code Workbook 2: Features the remaining sounds and sound pictures for those kids who need explicit instruction through the code. 

k, j, d
ie, i, y overlap
o, aw British, ar British
u, oy, s, l
u, ue, u overlap 
k, j, d, g, m, v, f, n, w, x, qu

 Multisyllable Workbook 3: Teaches multisyllable management including schwa, inflection and special endings



Sound to Symbol to Meaning Licensed PDF Workbook Set

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