Sound to Symbol to Meaning Workbook Set

Designed to teach children age six through remedial, and supports the use of Reading Reflex, the Phono-Graphix Certification Kit, Imagine This, and Word Work. 

Each workbook includes Reading, Spelling, Stories, Comprehension, and Vocabulary Activities.



Advanced Code Workbook 1: Features the sounds and sound pictures that were taught in the original research. All instructions are included.

oe, ow, ow overlap
vowel + e 
ee, ae, e, ea overlap
oo, oul, oo overlap

Advanced Code Workbook 2: Features the remaining sounds and sound pictures for those kids who need explicit instruction through the code. 

k, j, d
ie, i, y overlap
o, aw British, ar British
u, oy, s, l
u, ue, u overlap 
k, j, d, g, m, v, f, n, w, x, qu

 Multisyllable Workbook 3: Teaches multisyllable management including schwa, inflection and special endings


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Sound to Symbol to Meaning Workbook Set

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