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Super Speller is a great resource for home, clinic, or classroom use. Perfect for all children up to age nine, and effective for older remedial students also! 

Super Speller contains 40 weeks worth of spelling lists, with practice lessons for each list. It covers Basic and Advanced Code and management of 3-sound words, adjacent consonant sounds, and multi-syllable words.  Also included are ten pages of Phono-Graphix spelling theory and instructional parent handouts to get parents busy on the weekly spelling words.  

The weekly lists and worksheets in the Super Speller parallel those in a regular course of Phono-Graphix or Reading Reflex, but from a spelling (encoding) perspective. You can use the Super Speller:

  • alongside your regular lessons, as another way to review what you are learning while encouraging your students to put that to use for spelling.
  • as continued practice after completing a course of Phono-Graphix/Reading Reflex.
  • as a stand-alone course for older students without severe phonological challenges, to train strong segmentation skills and introduce the 4 concepts and 3 skills of Phono-Graphix entirely from a spelling perspective. This is something older students, in particular, can get behind.

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This individual license allows copying for express and single purpose of home/classroom use in the home/classroom of the licensee. This is also an excellent option for international orders: quick access, no shipping, no customs clearance!

Super Speller - print option

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