Teen Literacy Kit

This kit is a must for reading professionals who work with teen and adult students.

Manipulatives are printed on prelaminated white cardstock. The workbook is printed on high quality paper with a full color cover and spiral binding. The manipulatives are stored in plastic storage units for easy transport and access.

The kit contains:

Three, four, and five sound 'nonsense word' word building sets, on prelaminated white cardstock.

Three, four, and five sound phoneme manipulation drills on prelaminated white cardstock.

100 multisylable word building sets printed on prelaminated white cardstock.

20 short passages, on 5"x7" prelaminated cards, for practicing skills and code knowledge, improving fluency, for code cueing variation and overlap.

Silver Lining instructional manual.

1 copy of our new Silver Lining workbook for improving reading and spelling speed and accuracy.


ALSO SEE the accompanying Silver Lining Support Manual on the Work Books page. 

Teen Literacy Kit

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